Home Seller’s Inspection

If you’re like most home sellers, you have probably lived in your home for more than 5 years. It is in these last 5 years some major changes have occurred in the sale process of a home:


  1. Sellers Disclosure.
    The biggest change is the requirements of providing a “SELLERS DISCLOSURE.” You the home owner must list all the known defects in the home.
  2. Home Inspectors.
    The home inspector is usually hired by the Buyer and arrives at your property after a contract is negotiated to inspect and list any defects, questionable areas, upgrade suggestions and maintenance.

When significant problems are found by the Home Inspector the buyer may:

  • terminate the contract.
  • or ask for inflated amounts to have the problem fixed.
  • or be so alarmed by the defect found, will terminate the contract without giving you the chance to fix it.

Either way your house is back on the market and the problem is still there for the next buyer to find.

The problem is the timing of the home inspection.
The trend is changing, and Sellers are having a home inspection at the time of their listing in order to repair or determine the condition of their home and to use it as a sales tool. A Seller’s inspection will virtually eliminate all the hassles and blown deals inspections cause when the Buyer brings their inspector. It gives the leverage back to the Seller.

  1. No more renegotiations after the home inspection.
  2. No more alarmed buyers when the home inspector finds a problem.
  3. No more does the Seller have to deal with inflated repair estimates that costs him or her money.
  4. No more countless hours and dollars in energy to get a contract that is “blown out of the water” by surprise defects.
  5. Above all, a Seller’s Inspection is the ultimate gesture of full disclosure and will help protect the Seller.

How easy is selling a house with a Seller’s Inspection?
If a seller’s inspection is performed and significant damage or defects are found. there will be disappointment, but no hysteria or regret. No deal about to go sour. The agent will discuss the problems with the Seller and will determine if this listing is “AS IS” with full disclosure, or if any repairs need correcting to expedite the sale. The Seller then corrects any problem areas, and calls for a reinspection of the home. The home inspector returns a clean report. Next, a Buyer enters a contract agreement with the Seller. The Buyer will choose to trust the home inspection or will have another. No major problems should be found by the second inspection. The deal coasts downhill to closing. Everyone is happy.

Use the Seller’s Inspection as an Internet sales tool!!
With HomeGauge Services, your inspection report can be displayed over the Internet! We will provide you with a link address that you can give your Real Estate Agent or use it at another listing service. When prospective buyers see your listing on the web, they can view your report instantly. You can also have the home inspector return to approve of any repairs you made. The items will be cleaned up or removed from the report and a revised report will be placed with your listing.